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"Basso Continuo" is a term of classical music. It is translated to "through bass". Oh ? Do you want to know the meaning ? OK. Visit to "What is Basso Continuo ?"

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NOTE : Using popular browser, the background music will start to play after clicking starting bottom in "BGM Control Panel". The BGM is "From the 4th movement of L. van Beethoven's string quartet No.13 in musicbox version".


Music Essay

Essay for about playing piano, or others of music.
"My depression and music in my life" was added..

"Gloria" Diary

Essay of the training or preparation of "Gloria Ensemble and Choir" ( I'm a member of this group.), being toward to the concert in the end of the year.
Gloria Diary 2007 has been updated. (September/24/2007)

Free MIDI Libraries

MIDI Libraries which are no Copyrights but mine. Sheet musics in PDF format are also included.
Beethoven's string quartet No.15 (for all movements) was added.

Bulletin Board System (BBS) (in English)

English BBS. I am looking forward to your writing.
The URL was changed. (June/06/2004)


Concert Information

"Gloria Ensemble & Choir" concert information.
"Gloria Ensemble & Choir Vol.25 on 2017" concert information has been updated.

Miscellaneous Pages

My profile, Memorial pages, and Link banners etc.

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