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[ J.S.Bach's Organ Sonata No.5, C-major, Finale ]

J.S.Bach composed six sonatas for organ. They have the form of "Trio Sonata", which was the standard form of chamber music in baroque study period. So it is possible to say that he intended to construct chamber music with only one organ. All of them has extremely high contents. In each pieces, all of tree parts ( right hand, heft hand, and pedal ) have their independence like the instruments in chamber music. So it is important to notice these independence (especially , of the pedal part ) to play them.

This data is the finale of the fifth sonata. The beginning is impressive in the relation between the theme played by right hand and counterpoint by pedal in it. The theme is mainly developed with fugue-like style between the right hand part and the left hand part. But the pedal part has the equality to the above two parts. It sometimes quote the motif of theme, and makes the imitation of the above two parts.

In playing organ, it is not possible to change dynamics in one stop. So I tried to make emotion with only changing attack time and release time of each notes.

[ Used Synthesizer ]

I recommend Roland SC-88Pro. But I have checked that it is possible to play with SCP-55 or VSC-88.

[ Track Table ]

Track table of the MIDI data
Track Channel Bank Patch
1 5 SC-88pro Map Capital Tones Chruch Org.1
2 6 SC-88pro Map Capital Tones Chruch Org.1
3 7 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Chruch Org.1

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