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Requirements to use the data in Free MIDI Liberaries

The person who build this site has any of copyrights for the any data in "Free MIDI Liberaries" (not only MIDI files , but PDF files , HTML files , and image data files linked these HTML files ) are included in above &quot:data".

I request you the following when you use these data.

1. Please do not sell these data.

2. Please do not redistribute these data.

3. Please do not change or correct these data.

4. If you carry these data to other sites, please add the following comments to the place which can be easily found. (If you carry these data to web pages, it is OK to add the following comments to the pages which are not the same to the pages the data are carried to. )

"XXXXXXXXX" ← name of music
Copyright (C) 1995-2005 by Hono'no Continuo. All Rights Reserved.

5. Please send E-mail to me. It is OK to send e-mail after carring to other sites. When you send E-mail, please tell me the sites to carry. (This is for checking 1. and 2.)

When you provide the above five points, it is OK to carry these to other sites or use these. All of these data has no problem for copyright. The effective copyright is only for me.

Thank you.

Please send your questions or opinions via E-mail.