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[ The 13th String Quartet by L. van Beethoven The 4th movement ]

Ludwig van Beethoven composed 17 volumes of string quartet, including "Grosse Fuge(Grand fugue)". These are his important works as 9 symphonies or 32 piano sonatas.

Especially saying, after "the ninth symphony", his composition was almost only for string quartets. The five string quartets and one large fugue after "the ninth symphony" are very worth to know his music in his last years.

Among these string quartet, I adopted the 4th movement of the 13th string quartet. (The arrangement of the theme with music box style is thrown in.)

The 13th string quartet has 6 movements with various types and length. It makes difficult to recognize for us. But this 4th movement titled with "Alla danza tedesca (German dance style)" uses simple melody with three-eight time and G-major, and it is lovely music. It has compound ternary form. The recapitulation uses variation technique.

[Used Synthesizer ]

Roland SC-88Pro (Probably GS is OK.)

[ Track Table ]

Track table of the MIDI data
Track Channel Bank Patch
1 1 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Violin
2 2 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Violin
3 3 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Viola
4 4 SC-55 Map Capital Tones Cello

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MIDI Data(18.7KB)

Music Box Style Arrangements of the Theme (MIDI)

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