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The brothers of composers who had the family name of 'HAYDN'.

Gloria Ensemble & Choir Vol.9


Joseph Haydn Missa brevis <<St. Joannnis de Deo>>
Joseph Haydn Symphony No. 96   D-major<<Miracle>>
Michael Haydn  <<Requiem>>

Conductors :KATAOKA Makoto, KUMEKAWA Yoshimi, UCHIDA Hitoshi

Soprano Solo : FUJISAKI Minae  Alto Solo : EDANO Asako
Tenor Solo : AIYAMA Junpei  Bass Solo : ONO Kazuhiko

Orchestra & Chorus : Gloria Ensemble & Choir

Since 1993

Our group opens one concert in a year with new organized orchestra and chorus group in each year toward the improvement of the music scene in Tochigi-ken, Japan.

December 8, 2001 (Saturday) In Main Hall, Tochigi-ken Kyôiku-kaikan, JAPAN Opened at 6:00 p.m. and Started at 6:30 p.m.

Ticket : 2000-yen  [Free for students of elementary, junior high, or high school.] It is forbidden to come with small children before entering elementary school.

Tickets are treated in ; Tochigi-ken Sôgô Bunka Center, Utsunomiya-city Bunka-kaikan, "Ticket PIA" on the 2F in Tôbu Department Store, Ueno-gakki (Music shop)

Ask to :(Representative) SUGAYA Mitsushi TEL(028)627-1553

Internet Uttcy

Internet Hono'no Continuo

How to go to Tochigi-ken Kyôiku-kaikan;

From Utsunomiya Station of JR,
get on the Kanto bus leaving from the No.6 or No.7 bus stop
and going to "Sakushin-gakuin and Komanyu",
and get off at "Higashi-nakamaru" station.

(About 20 minutes after from the leaving Utsunomiya station.)

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