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Gloria Ensemble & Choir Vol.8



Soprano Solo


Orchestra, Chorus

Gloria Ensemble & Choir
Since 1993

December 2, 2000 (Sat.)

Main Hall, Tochigi-ken Kyoiku Kaikan, Japan

6:00 p.m. Open

6:30 p.m. Start

- John Rutter - Requiem

- John Rutter -

- William Walton -
Two Little Pieces for Strings
From the movie, "Henry IV"

- Benjamin Britten -
Simple Symphony op.4

Ticket 2000yen

<Free for elementary, junior high or high school students>

**** Children before entrance of elementary school are not admired.

Please Contact to /

Representative : SUGAYA Mitushi

Internet : Uttchy

Internet : CONTINUO

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