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Gloria Ensemble & Choir

Training Schedule of the Orchestra

Fauré and Duruflé "Requiem"

Gloria Ensemble & Choir Vol.12

Thank you for your coming or supporting.(Nov.28,2004)

G.Fauré     "Requiem"

Conductor : Hitoshi Uchida

M.Duruflé  "Requiem"

Conducor : Makoto Kataoka

Soloists :Minae Fujisaki(Soprano) / Asako Edano(Mezzo Soprano) / Hideyuki Niki(Baritone)

Orchestra and Chorus : Gloria Ensemble & Choir

We open one concert in a year with newly organized orchestra and chorus group in each year toward the improvement of the music scene in Tochigi-ken, Japan.

Saturday, November 27, 2004
(Opened on 5:45 p.m. Started on 6:30 p.m.)

Main Hall, Tochigi-ken Sôgô Bunka Center (In front of Tochigi Prefectural Office)

Tickets [No sheets are reserved.] 500-yen for students of elementary, junior high, high school, or collage.
2,000-yen for others.

* It is forbidden to come with small children before entering elementary school.

Ticket seller / Shimotsuke Shinbun PlayGuide (on the 2F in Tôbu Department Store, and on the 1F in Utsunomiya Parco.), Ueno Gakki (Music Shop), Tochigi-ken Sôgô Bunka Center, and Utsunomiya-shi Bunka Kaikan.

Supporters /Tochigi Prefecture, Tochigi Prefectural Board of Education, Utsunomiya City, Utsunomiya City Board of Education ,Tochigi-ken Gasshô Renmei (Tochigi Prefecture Chorus Association)

Inquiry /http://www.gloria-e-c.com/ (The Official Site In Japapese)
Please send e-mail from this page.

NEXT CONCERT : Gloria Ensemble & Choir Vol.13(November, 2005)

J.S.Bach and J.Rutter "MaMagnificat"

* Chorus member will be invited. (Please ask for detailed information.)

* This site is NOT the official site of “Gloria Ensemble & Choir”. Please get exact information from the official site (in Japanese). If there are differences between the contents of this site and the one of the official site, the latter precedes the former.

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