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Thank you for your supporting or coming.(Nov./29/2003)

  Gloria Ensemble & Choir Vol.11    


Messa di Gloria

Collection of "Ave Maria" in A Cappella Chorus :

  Conductor / UCHIDA Hitoshi

W.A.Mozart, The 31st Symphony, K.297, "Paris" :

  Conductor / KUMEKAWA Yoshimi

G. Puccini, Messa di Gloria (Gloria Mass) :

  Conductor / KATAOKA Makoto

  Tenor Solo / KOBAYASHI Akihide

  Bariton Solo / SHIMURA Fumihiko

Chorus & Orchestra / Gloria Ensemble & Choir

Since 1993

We open one concert in a year with newly organized orchestra and chorus group in each year
toward the improvement of the music scene in Tochigi-ken, Japan.

November 29, 2003 (Saturday)  Opened at 5:45 p.m.  Started at 6:30 p.m.

Main Hall, Tochigi-ken Kyôiku Kaikan (Komanyû, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan)

Ticket / 2000-yen (No sheets are reserved.) Free for students of elementary, junior high, or high school.
* It is forbidden to come with small children before entering elementary school.

Tickets are treated in ...

Shimotsuke Shinbun PlayGuide (on the 2F in Tôbu Department Store, and on the 1F in Utsunomiya Parco.), Ueno Gakki (Music Shop),
Tochigi-ken Sôgô Bunka Center, and Utsunomiya-shi Bunka Kaikan.
* It is also sold in the hall on the day of performance.

Supporters / 

Tochigi Prefecture, Tochigi Prefectural Board of Education , Utsunomiya City, Utsunomiya City Board of Education ,Tochigi-ken Gasshô Renmei (Tochigi Prefecture Chorus Association)

Ask to  /

[Representative] SUGAYA Mitsushi
  TEL (028)627-1553(In Japan)
  TEL +81-29-627-1553(From overseas from Japan)
[Internet] Uttchy
  URI : (In Japanese)
[Internet] Continuo, or Hono-no Continuo
  URI :
  E-mail : Please send e-mail from this page.

How to go to Tochigi-ken Kyôiku Kaikan;
From Utsunomiya station of JR (East Japan Railway),
get on the Kantô bus leaving from the No.6 or No.7 bus stop
and going to "Sakushin-gakuin and Komayû" or ,"Ôya and Romantic-mura",
and get off at "Higashi-nakamaru" bus stop.
(About 20 minutes after leaving from Utsunomiya station.)


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