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Welcome to Basso Continuo's Sites!

My sites were opened on October, 1998, and the number of visitors has reached to 100,000 on August 31, 2002. I would like to celebrate with you. I introduce the two sites that I have been constructing. The 1st site is my most important hobby, and the 2nd one is my most important background.

Basso Continuo's Music Page

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[Music Sheet] In this site, I mention classical music, piano, harpsichord, music composition and arrangements. And I described my experiences of joining amateur group which consists of orchestra and chorus group (named with "Gloria Ensemble and Choir". My role is to play keyboard instrument as Basso Continuo). In addition, MIDI files most of which are from my compositions or arrangements (classical style) are included.
Almost of contents have been written in English, Japanese, and Korean. This site has BBS's in these three languages.
[Harpsichord Keyboard]

Gujo-hachiman, Gujo-odori Page

[NIHONGO/JAPANESE] ← Japanese Entrance
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This site is the introduction of "Gujo-hachiman" town in Japan. This town is located almost the center of Honshuu (main island) of Japan. It is called a little Kyoto.
[Odori-Yakata / The stage of perform music for Gujo-odori dance]
[The festival of holding serves for the repose of this springs of Sougi-sui] Because there are many traditional streets, buildings and customs in this town. Most famous event is the traditional grand dance festival called "Gujo-odori" performed in every summer.
The contents are in Japanese and English and there are also BBS's in both languages.

I am pleased to all who have visited here. I would like to develop these sites to make some impressions for all of visitors. I am glad to make your acquaintance and look forward to your enjoying here.

Thank you.

(C) Copyright by Hono-no Continuo, 1998-2002. All rights reserved.

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