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JMA GPV Weather Map

Name   [2021/Feb/21 (Sun)03:58]   Delete

Now, the pages related to "JMA GPV Weather Map" are under revising operation.
For some of them, URLs will be changed frequently.
If you would like to make bookmark or favorite link about
the following page:
(1) www.basso-continuo.com/WeatherGPV/Prog_00/GPVweathermap.htm?sz=w&ml=en&ModArea=W&LM=FXFE50D&RM=FXFE50Up&t=0
(2) http://www.basso-continuo.com/WeatherGPV/index_e.htm

Additionally saying, we would change the URL of (2). At that time, we will let you know the changing.

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